The coloring craze that makes me feel like a kid again

By on Dec 2, 2016 in Artsy Fun | 0 comments

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The coloring craze that makes me feel like a kid again

by Dec 2, 2016Artsy Fun0 comments

I miss being a kid, and I do my best to never let that play seeking, excitable part of myself die. I was remembering some things that I did as a child and ways I try to still be childlike? If you think my idea is kid stuff, think again. When adults take time to think and even do things they once enjoyed as a child, they begin to see things from a fresher perspective.

One of my current favorite childlike activities is  to relax and color. Coloring has become a recent craze, but almost 6 years ago, I had a rare opportunity to start coloring again . At the time I wasn’t able to locate coloring books for adults, so I remember searching the internet and finding Mandalas’s (circular patterns used for meditative purposes). They were detailed and rhythmic designs that inspired me to play with color combinations while meditating on the patterns. I still enjoy the challenging detailed patterns that help me to relax and encourage my creativity.

Now grown up coloring books can be found almost anywhere! The choices for markers, glitter gels and crayon pencils are color-exciting with wonderful benefits for the artist!!

Please share a favorite activity if you have one, that makes you feel like a kid again

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